Welcome to HomeGrown!

A podcast about the Black experience in Hong Kong and Asia.
We aim to inform, inspire and entertain through personal stories of Black expats.

Ranked Top 3% of podcasts globally.

We’d love your feedback…

As we mentioned at the end of season three, we would love to hear your feedback and more from you about what you want to hear on the podcast. Click the link to fill in the super quick questionnaire!

It only gets better!

“I have been listening to HomeGrown since day 1 and as season 2 wraps up, I feel confident in saying that you will not regret giving this podcast a try! Louisa and Fo’s podcast has been an ongoing celebration of blackness, black community but also of uniqueness and individuality. The high calibre of the presenters and the fascinating stories of each guest will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions where you’ll find yourself, laughing, reflecting, empathizing and learning from the experiences of black expats living in Hong Kong. Looking forward to the next season!


That ‘Homely vibe’ straight outta HK

“Can’t rate this show enough. If you’re curious check it out, if you’re not and you’re reading this – CHECK IT OUT. Everything from lols, ✊🏿and HK living.

It’s brilliant!”


Favourite new podcast!

“Quickly becoming one of my favourite podcasts! So great to hear about the black expat experience in Hong Kong and get a different perspective. The hosts do a great job of covering all topics of HK life from the entertaining to the more sobering aspects around race . Always find myself eagerly awaiting the next episode!”


Point of view

“You know how you can never be too sure what the experience is like for other people – and by that I mean anyone who isn’t you? Well, open this door and join this podcast -it will chuck a few surprises your way! Thanks and keep it up!”


All about the Socials…

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